Substance Abuse and Education Program

We are a true cultural treatment facility. We incorporate a vast amount of culture in our therapeutic program. We use the White Bison 12 Step curriculum in our treatment program. We have a four stage treatment model:



Behavioral Theory

When youth first enter Oshki Manidoo we provide a neutral, safe and healthy living place. We detach them from drug, alcohol and gang culture. We go after their Indian name, clan, and spirit colors. This is a time for their bodies to purify. We have a campus-wide behavior plan with four privilege levels that coincide with four treatment stages.



(Cognitive Theory)

After youth have had a few weeks to get drugs and alcohol out of their mind and bodies, they can now start to think clearly about their actions and how it affects others and themselves in the long run. We use Motivational Interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, problem solving strategies, White Bison Red Road and 12 step teachings curriculum (evidence-based), meditation and other self-help meetings.



(Developmental Theory)

In stage three we look deep down underneath at what is driving our behaviors. We use White Bison Grief therapy dealing with historic and generational trauma, individual and group counseling, mental health therapy, cultural competencies development, talking circles, sweat lodge, and many other program activities.



(Attachment Theory)

Youth develop hope and behaviors that shape sober and healthy living by learning and using cultural tools, cultural values, therapeutic recreational activities, self-help meetings, relapse prevention, community and elder connections and new social networks.


Sober School

The OMC Sober School located on our campus is a collaboration of academics, wellbriety curriculum, and cultural awareness. Throughout the school day, youth attend math, English, science, social studies, and physical education, taught by qualified teachers from the Bemidji Area School District. Substance abuse disorder classes are facilitated by Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors and several OMC staff teach life skills; cultural arts, traditions, and language; health/wellness classes. The holistic approach of our program’s mission statement permeates the school curriculum resulting in positive integration for each youth into their home, school, and community. 


We have five Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors who have many years of experience and work through a love-based system. White Earth Reservation mental health services our youth two days a week. We have community service projects that are cultural specific and a sober school on our property.