Many of our youth today have limited to no experience to the healthy ways or teachings of Native culture. We want to replace drugs, alcohol and gang mentality/lifestyle with Native American culture. 


Youth are encouraged to build their self-esteem, self-identity and self-worth in a positive way while at Oshki Manidoo Center. Our program inspires youth to become knowledgeable in the culture so as to continually practice when returning home as a means to replace chemical use and maintain a sober and healthy life.


Youth at Oshki Manidoo  are exposed to seasonal activities such as berry picking, sugar bush, ricing and fishing. Cultural arts is art of the treatment plan such as singing, moccasin game, outfit/skirt making, beading, dream catchers, painting and tobacco pouches and ties.


In our program we integrate the 8 foundations, which includes the 7 values. Our youth focus on one value, one foundation per week as a learning theme incorporated into schooling, groups and therapeutic recreation.



Hand Drum Making





     5th Steps


     Talking Circle

     Sweat Lodge

Trauma Informed Care

Trauma Informed Staff

Trauma Informed Treatment

Grief and Loss - Using White Bison

Sons and Daughters of Tradition

Talking Stick Making

Language Classes